Startup Checklist – for new workspaces

Approximately 35 questions for your consideration:  What you need to start a successful and profitable collaborative workspace.  This will include one-on-one teleconference consulting for 30 minutes with our expert advisor.

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Market Profile, Location Profile and Ownership Profile


Price: $175.00

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Collaboration: Master-mind Session Subscription

Exchange ideas, update your best practices and eliminate isolation!  

We are curating groups of collaborative space owners/managers from diverse markets and facilities to share their victories and query the group on resolving challenges.  Groups of 4 will be provided a topic of discussion for 60-minute sessions.  Participants may submit topics as well.  All will be moderated by our industry experts.  We know it’s tough to carve out time each month, so groups will “meet” via teleconference or via web presentation for 10 sessions over 12 months.

All participants must sign confidentiality agreements and no market competitors will be placed in the same group.

All sessions will include an agenda and a follow up summary document of comments, questions, solutions and any action items.

$100.00 monthly subscription.

(please contact us to contribute additional topics of interest to YOU)


Moderated by Wendy Spreenberg



Initial Talking Points:

  • What is happening across the Workspace-as-a-Service Industry?
  • How are Corporations responding to workspace trends?
  • The right mix of open-plan and private office space
  • When and how to reposition your business in response to these trends

We’ll discuss ALL of these points and more in our inaugural Webinar

Then, Start MasterMind-ing Your Business!  Starting in February,  we mix it up a little to provide diverse sessions as alternatives


  1. Reinventing Workspace as a Community
  2. More leads, tours, closes – what are the tools to use


  1. Curating Workspace Culture – Your Market Differentiator
  2. How the “Traditional” Business Center Creates Client Value

Please select a first and second choice from below and place that in the comments section of your order:

Session A:  2nd Tuesday of the month – 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm Central 

Session B: 2nd Wednesday of the month – 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm Central

Session C: 2nd Thursday of the month – 9:00 am to 10:00 am Central


Product Options
Combination of product variants is not available

Price: $1,200.00

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Retained Consulting – Level 2 Subscription

Once per month not quite right?

Our Level 2 Subscription is delivered weekly in 30-minute sessions for 60 days.

This is the ideal package when you want to focus on a singular issue and resolve it quickly and successfully.  This may be applied to creating dynamic marketing events, branding strategy, introduction of new products or one-on-one coaching. All subscriptions include a complementary 20-minute goal-setting session and written documentation of each tele-consulting session.

Payment can be made in 2 increments of $450.00 each.  Save by making a single payment of $849.00.


Price: $849.00

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