Adriana Lopez has written in Forbes (April 25, 2013) about the coworking scene in New Orleans, featuring two examples of industry-focused coworking spaces.

The Dojo is a “digitally focused workspace”. Lopez adds that Dojo’s mission is “to create a place where developers, designers, programmers, and the creative alike can come together to harness their creative energy.

The second is Propellor Incubator, one of a handful of socially-focused incubators in the country. Industries incubated here include environmental, criminal justice and non-profits putting their energies to work on providing healthy meals to school children.

In summary, the spaces are collaborative, not competitive with an open, vibrant feeling that inspires dynamic thinking. Based on current and future work trends, it appears this may be a solution that’s here to stay.

April 30th, 2013

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