So much is happening in the world of collaborative workspace across the US- check it out!

InBIA – already NEXT WEEK! April 17 – 20 in Orlando – details can be found here

Coworking? This is THE one to attend, opposite coast – GCUC in LA, May 3-6

WORKTECH15-New York is May 13 &14 – for those involved in the future of work!

WANY – Workspace Association of NY is an invitation-only opportunity and this year is themed “BC@50” -celebrating 50 years of the serviced office business center, the FIRST iteration of coworking space. It will be taking place June 10 in New York. Curious? Please reach out to

NeoCON- Chicago – June 13-15 – “Good Design Can Achieve a Lot” – here’s how – much more trending in creating Design that Works, in the City that Works!

Then Summer to enjoy, take a break, work your ideas and then let’s get back at it in August!

April 12th, 2016

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We, along with thousands, are closely observing the growth of WeWork, especially when it comes to the sheer size of each location they are adding or expanding upon. So many will either feel threatened (Regus) or will see opportunity to compete. There will also continue to be fallout from an uptick in location saturation and not all coworking spaces will survive.

And, not unlike other observers close to the industry, we do not attribute WeWork’s model to the pure coworking form as it debuted earlier this decade.

It seems a no-brainer to want to see this as the next easy-money real estate play and get in yourself.

So what’s left to say?

A bit more.

We both appreciate WeWork increasing awareness and share some cautionary notes to those considering jumping into the now-increasing pool of new entrants:

1- we’re delighted that our consultancy is becoming an “overnight success” after 15 years based on the increased market awareness of coworking and the desire to open spaces that are financially sustainable (we share the “how it works”)

2-caution that, due to low barriers of entry, it seems easy to simply open a space, charge 3-4 times the rent being paid (or an equivalent of debt service) and believe it will magically succeed (there is a lot more to it)

3-the “secret sauce” of this model, similar to all hospitality businesses, is a combination of the negotiation of strong lease terms AND the team that is hired to manage the community

4-coworking or collaborative workspaces do NOT have to take down 40,000 SF+ spaces to be successful

5-it’s important to take advantage of the NO COST TO YOU services of a Real Estate Tenant Representative in finding your space, whether to lease or buy (see #3)

Lastly, consider hiring a professional team to support your efforts, including your attorney, accountant and of, course us, as in YES!, to allow you time to sort through the potential pitfalls even before getting this off the ground.


February 10th, 2016

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LEXC Event, Tribune Article, Signature Offices, Premier Business Centers, The Bureau Chicago open new facilities in Chicago

Chicago has become an epicenter of coworking culture. Following the much-touted launch of 1871 in May 2012, scores of coworking spaces have opened in Chicago.

As in many cities, there are multiple interpretations of the coworking model: industry-specific/take everyone; 3,000 s.f./15,000 s.f.; 90% open plan/30% open plan. The fun is experiencing the variety of options and passion of the owners.

One of the most passionate pioneers and a leading voice in coworking nationally is Jamie Russo, founder and owner of Enerspace Coworking in  Chicago & Palo Alto. Jamie opened her space in February 2012, in advance of 1871’s launch.  Enerspace’s tag line “Work Well TM” reflects their mission to “give members a place and the tools they need to blend work and wellness”

Jamie is also the President of LEXC– League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces, a curated group of Coworking spaces.  Later this month, LEXC is hosting it’s Fall meetup  in Chicago. Per Jamie : “LEXC is a global group of coworking space owners and our mission is to share best practices among the group and to provide mobility for our members.”  During the Meetup days, there will be an invitation-only Happy Hour hosted by new coworking space The Bureau Chicago and sponsored by SITE REsolutions.  Contact us  – for additional details.

The Chicago Tribune is rolling out a Chicago Coworking Directory by the end of the month along with an article about Chicago’s coworking community.

Signature Offices just opened in the CNA Building. It is a new, vibrant take on traditional business center workspace.  The South Loop, just North of Congress at 33 S. Wabash, has sorely needed a well-run option.  Bill Vernon, industry veteran, offers just that. Contact Bill to book a tour:

Premier Business Centers launches their Chicago flagship location at 200 W. Madison. Premier is the largest US-owned business center operator, with 75 locations (and growing) as of this announcement. The Chicago opening is set for mid-October. Contact Kassidy Mays to arrange a site visit:

The Bureau Chicago is the newest entrant into the Chicago Collaborative Workspace market, located at 1420 S. Michigan. Very easy street parking and a beautiful contemporary setting. Contact Azul Vazquez for a free day pass and to arrange a tour: .

Chicago has been a vibrant and busy city for coworking and this September is just a small sample of the dramatic growth in coworking space since 2012.

SITE REsolutions/YES! Your Exceptional Space TM  is on the front lines of this resurgence, currently working with landlords and developers of commercial and residential space to transform their holdings into a more integrated, and profitable, solution.

We will share more in the coming weeks about our case studies and observations.

If you’d like more information for your development, we welcome you to contact us at


September 9th, 2015

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View the latest in Crain’s Chicago Real Estate Daily.

October 29th, 2013

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An article authored by Signe Brewster in Gigaom features information about a Maker’s Space pilot program featuring 3-D printers and supporting technology in Chicago’s Harold Washington Library.

DSCN0154-225x300The pilot program will run through year-end 2013. Once evaluated the program may continue. Let’s hope our Mayor, Rahm Emmanuel takes a leap of faith to renew for at least another year.

This effort simply enhances on the already-significant success of the 14-month-old 1871 tech incubator in the Merchandise Mart, the rise of several coworking spaces in Chicago, Motorola’s move to the City, the simultaneous expansion of Google into the West Randolph corridor and can feed greater interest in the Mayor’s vision of establishing a biotech incubator over the next year.

Let’s keep this momentum Chicago!

July 9th, 2013

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GRIND.stair_.2N.LaSalle-300x211We recently met with Benjamin Dyett of GRIND.stair.2N.LaSalle workspace at their newest addition in Chicago. They expect to open late July/early August.

The Chicago coworking space at 2 N. LaSalle will feature a two-story atrium with open-plan worktables, lofted team rooms, a cafe space, smaller conference rooms and individual touchdown spaces to make quick phonecalls or work in a less public space.

Julia Evans is the Community Manager and event coordinator. There will be regular “THINK” sessions open to the public and special member-only events that create connections and community among members.

GRIND is taking applications for membership on their website and they will be vetting members to curate their community carefully. They are looking for a diverse group of member companies in order to create a more vibrant and productive set of interactions. The goal – get work done.

Welcome to Chicago GRIND! We look forward to the success of coworking in the Loop!

June 18th, 2013

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Please join Wendy Spreenberg and Gary Miciunas for NeoCon 2013, June 10-12!

Pre-Register Today Pre-register by June 3rd to gain FREE access to the show expo! On-site show registration is $25.
Coworking: Scaling business models from B2C to B2BThe advent of Coworking was originally focused on startups, freelancers, entrepreneurs. Corporations are getting into the use of Coworking spaces for their own teams to help create dynamic work environments and attract talent. What are their unique requirements in operations, function and design of this new workspace? How will it function once you choose to build it? We will identify the fundamental patterns and the technology necessary to serve corporate users who are reinventing their obsolete office environments by incorporating coworking .

April 9th, 2013

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