Considering Developing A Collaborative Workspace?  Work with the power of YES!

The journey in creating the best work environment starts with the idea. The separate steps required to be successful pull in many, unanticipated directions. Our experts design a straighter path to reach your goals.

Our Consulting brand, YES! Your Exceptional Space ™ answers all of these questions and more…

  • I have the passion now what are the next steps?
  • I have the business plan and experience, now how do I finance the business?
  • I am a seasoned professional in a different industry. How will the business run after the space is built?
  • I have a building and want to incorporate this concept into my property. What more do I need to know to be successful?

Need to Reposition an Existing Operation or Property?

The basic tools we use are composed of all the pieces you’ll need to open or reposition a collaborative workspace. The specific pieces we build with you are:

Operating Budget Projections to include a Breakeven Analysis, Years 1-3 – near-term projections, Year 1 ramp up, Staffing, Capital Expenditure and Space pricing.

Staffing Considerations to create your Employee Manual, recruit and train the team members.

Leadership and Community building which is your market differentiator.

Marketing Strategy and Event Calendar for PR and revenue generation.

Operations Manual to document all process and procedure – how it will work after you open the doors.

On-going support for the initial 6 to 12 months of operation until you can navigate solo.