So much is happening in the world of collaborative workspace across the US- check it out!

InBIA – already NEXT WEEK! April 17 – 20 in Orlando – details can be found here

Coworking? This is THE one to attend, opposite coast – GCUC in LA, May 3-6

WORKTECH15-New York is May 13 &14 – for those involved in the future of work!

WANY – Workspace Association of NY is an invitation-only opportunity and this year is themed “BC@50” -celebrating 50 years of the serviced office business center, the FIRST iteration of coworking space. It will be taking place June 10 in New York. Curious? Please reach out to

NeoCON- Chicago – June 13-15 – “Good Design Can Achieve a Lot” – here’s how – much more trending in creating Design that Works, in the City that Works!

Then Summer to enjoy, take a break, work your ideas and then let’s get back at it in August!

April 12th, 2016

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We, along with thousands, are closely observing the growth of WeWork, especially when it comes to the sheer size of each location they are adding or expanding upon. So many will either feel threatened (Regus) or will see opportunity to compete. There will also continue to be fallout from an uptick in location saturation and not all coworking spaces will survive.

And, not unlike other observers close to the industry, we do not attribute WeWork’s model to the pure coworking form as it debuted earlier this decade.

It seems a no-brainer to want to see this as the next easy-money real estate play and get in yourself.

So what’s left to say?

A bit more.

We both appreciate WeWork increasing awareness and share some cautionary notes to those considering jumping into the now-increasing pool of new entrants:

1- we’re delighted that our consultancy is becoming an “overnight success” after 15 years based on the increased market awareness of coworking and the desire to open spaces that are financially sustainable (we share the “how it works”)

2-caution that, due to low barriers of entry, it seems easy to simply open a space, charge 3-4 times the rent being paid (or an equivalent of debt service) and believe it will magically succeed (there is a lot more to it)

3-the “secret sauce” of this model, similar to all hospitality businesses, is a combination of the negotiation of strong lease terms AND the team that is hired to manage the community

4-coworking or collaborative workspaces do NOT have to take down 40,000 SF+ spaces to be successful

5-it’s important to take advantage of the NO COST TO YOU services of a Real Estate Tenant Representative in finding your space, whether to lease or buy (see #3)

Lastly, consider hiring a professional team to support your efforts, including your attorney, accountant and of, course us, as in YES!, to allow you time to sort through the potential pitfalls even before getting this off the ground.


February 10th, 2016

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More details found in this recent Chicago Tribune article.

Certainly this trend is following the growth of the rental market and the mobile workforce in the US.

October 24th, 2013

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Harvard Business Review recently published a captivating article by
Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones regarding the careful thought firms such as Arup and Waitrose have taken to create an amazing workspace culture.
From their article: ”We call this “the organization of your dreams.” In a nutshell, it’s a company where individual differences are nurtured; information is not suppressed or spun; the company adds value to employees, rather than merely extracting it from them; the organization stands for something meaningful; the work itself is intrinsically rewarding; and there are no stupid rules.”
As we look to find our own work/life balance issues, we understand as well that Gen Y is willing to take a smaller paycheck in order to have more flexibility.
We’ll continue to share interesting findings in workspace evolution.
Happy Summer!

June 18th, 2013

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Please read the full article by Scott Chambers, COO of Pacific Business Centers, explaining how outside voices can stimulate and engage teams by carrying a new message.

to reach out to us, please email

May 2nd, 2013

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Greg Lindsay describes several companies that are recreating their own workspace (i.e. corporates like Plantronics and AT&T) as well as coworking space providers like Grind and NextSpace.

well worth the perusal!

April 10th, 2013

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Robin Dunbar’s research, with colleague Russell Hill showcases our evolutionary limitations to meaningfully connect with more than 150 people at a time.

This may shed light on the capabilities of coworking communities that look to achieve populations (read members) dramatically above 200 at a single location/space.

Worth considering the ramifications!

Read more here

April 9th, 2013

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Please join Wendy Spreenberg and Gary Miciunas for NeoCon 2013, June 10-12!

Pre-Register Today Pre-register by June 3rd to gain FREE access to the show expo! On-site show registration is $25.
Coworking: Scaling business models from B2C to B2BThe advent of Coworking was originally focused on startups, freelancers, entrepreneurs. Corporations are getting into the use of Coworking spaces for their own teams to help create dynamic work environments and attract talent. What are their unique requirements in operations, function and design of this new workspace? How will it function once you choose to build it? We will identify the fundamental patterns and the technology necessary to serve corporate users who are reinventing their obsolete office environments by incorporating coworking .

April 9th, 2013

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We co-authored with Gary Micunas of Nelson architectural firm.

September 18th, 2012

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Malcom Gladwell’s best-seller “Outliers: The Story of Success” helps define that uber-successful people are not always the smartest people in the room. Rather, there is a convergence of circumstances with their upbringing, when and where they were born and how they harness their passions by devoting a minimum of 10,000 hours towards in-depth learning in the area they ultimately master. The 10,000 hours roughly translates into an average of 10 years of single-minded focus on the work for at least 4.5 hours per workday. Clearly this can be accelerated by spending more hours in the day at the effort but Gladwell asserts that you rarely can shorten the 10,000 hours to absolutely master something. His examples are athletes, artists and technicians, to name just a subset.

We are, at this moment, experiencing a convergence of circumstances with the global economy and use of multiple “drop-in” workspace options by the mobile worker. The mobile worker, too, has several profiles: entrepreneur; government teleworker; corporate “nomad” and student, among others.

The OBC (Office Business Center)/Workspace industry has spent the past 10 years on a trajectory to intersect perfectly with the need for “on-demand” space or “Workspace As A Service”. During this period, centers have upgraded infrastructure and expanded their technology offerings to keep up with client demand in the form of VoIP telecommunications technology, wi-fi and now fibre optic cabling to exploit the need for higher bandwidth used for video streaming, for example.

The question now is how to capitalize on this tsunami of workspace evolution?

-Workspace configuration – open up the workspace and take down a few walls. Open plan seating contributes to the opportunity for users to collaborate. This doesn’t mean tearing down all the walls simply to respond to a trend. There are degrees of privacy that users of these types of spaces desire and it changes based on the nature of the work they are doing. By providing multiple options, the space conforms to the function rather than the user having to conform to the space.

-Technology to market the offering – get the most bandwidth available in your market. The expectation that you will be providing instant and high-quality access is the norm, NOT the exception. Our colleagues at the

April 27th, 2012

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