It’s that time of year when we turn to closing out the calendar with Thanksgiving (in the US) and the Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa celebrations. Prior to our restart in 2019, let’s reflect on Gratitude and 7 reasons to be thankful.

Monday – start of the work week and ability to make an impact; working with colleagues that challenge you to work at a higher level; getting the kids off to school and the opportunity to learn something new; long talk with a friend (yes, could actually be on the phone rather than using that phone to text); typically when the US has a special holiday, making it a 3-day weekend.

Tuesday – “Productivity Day”, the most productive day, statistically of the work week; recycle pick up by your municipality; volunteering for your favorite cause today; spending time with a friend or loved one who needs extra care; helping your kids with their homework; being the one receiving the extra care from a friend or loved one.

Wednesday – time for a workout, whether at the gym, at home or simply outside; ability to get or stay healthy in mind, spirit AND body; weekly prayer meeting (no matter your faith); working on your hobby or side gig– your classic car, book club, knitting, woodworking, rebuilding your computer, writing that novel, building your app; recognition by others for your contributions.

But wait… there’s more!

Thursday – date night for everyone, even if it’s a night out with your friends; evening of a special performance you’ve booked weeks ago; getting the last major “to-do’s” accomplished at work so you can ease into your weekend on Friday; raising funds at an event supporting your favorite charity; Museum “Free Day” or reduced admission day; the long-sought contract got signed.

Friday – week accomplished TGIF!; lunch with a friend (vs at your desk); mentoring a colleague or being mentored by a colleague; Pizza & beer night; kid’s Field Trip day; going out to a comedy club; heading out of town for a long weekend; feet up, on the couch, doing NOTHING tonight.

Saturday – major personal errand day; cooking your favorite meal; going out to a movie, play or concert; getting outdoors and off the grid; remembering that fantastic baseball game you caught over the Summer; celebrating a birthday or anniversary today; cheering for your favorite college team; catching your kid’s game or performance.

Sunday – Fellowship day – over football, food, friends, faith (could also be Saturday, depending on your faith); storytelling with your family or friends of all the great memories that made you laugh so hard, you cried; celebrating the passing of seasons; reflecting on all that life brought this week and enthusiasm for what’s to come.

This is our quick list. What makes you Grateful?

November 21st, 2018

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Planting a Flag to post periodically what we encounter as interesting experiences, exchanges, topics, insights, etc. that create a little humor along the way during our journey within the Coworking sphere.

Our combined experience has taken us across Europe and North America working with start-ups and those looking to reposition properties of all types to a more collaborative model.


coworking words

If the walls could talk…

Posts may range from the fairly common (consulting client uses less than 70% of recommended best practices then blames vendor for poor outcome) to the truly bizarre (trophy grizzly bear in attack posture greeting visitors in reception).

What we can say is that, since the turn of the millennium, life in collaborative workspace has been a wild ride and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

This train is leaving the station so climb aboard!

February 10th, 2016

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View the latest in Crain’s Chicago Real Estate Daily.

October 29th, 2013

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More details found in this recent Chicago Tribune article.

Certainly this trend is following the growth of the rental market and the mobile workforce in the US.

October 24th, 2013

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There is a wave of new feminism sweeping the US, as demonstrated by the millions of copies of Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In on people’s bookshelves and e-readers. Lean In groups have been springing up across the country. A small and vocal group of men have come out publicly as feminists – in support of gender equality.

The challenge is still in our boardrooms. To that, Kelly Wallace, CNN’s digital correspondent shares how the performance of businesses changes when women are at the table.

The sad truth from Kelly’s article point to the need for multiple studies to scientifically outline quantifiable proof that companies with more women in positions of senior leadership and board membership financially outperform those with fewer women.

I know Twitter is listening prior to their IPO.

As Kelly sites, when women are at the table, there is a now-greater push toward vocalizing personal priorities: i.e. a senior executive publicly mentioning her inability to attend the next conference call because she would be attending her daughter’s kindergarten graduation. Several colleagues, including men, contacted the executive afterwards in support of her decision.

This gives all of us more room to remember to work to live not live to work.

October 23rd, 2013

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An article authored by Signe Brewster in Gigaom features information about a Maker’s Space pilot program featuring 3-D printers and supporting technology in Chicago’s Harold Washington Library.

DSCN0154-225x300The pilot program will run through year-end 2013. Once evaluated the program may continue. Let’s hope our Mayor, Rahm Emmanuel takes a leap of faith to renew for at least another year.

This effort simply enhances on the already-significant success of the 14-month-old 1871 tech incubator in the Merchandise Mart, the rise of several coworking spaces in Chicago, Motorola’s move to the City, the simultaneous expansion of Google into the West Randolph corridor and can feed greater interest in the Mayor’s vision of establishing a biotech incubator over the next year.

Let’s keep this momentum Chicago!

July 9th, 2013

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GRIND.stair_.2N.LaSalle-300x211We recently met with Benjamin Dyett of GRIND.stair.2N.LaSalle workspace at their newest addition in Chicago. They expect to open late July/early August.

The Chicago coworking space at 2 N. LaSalle will feature a two-story atrium with open-plan worktables, lofted team rooms, a cafe space, smaller conference rooms and individual touchdown spaces to make quick phonecalls or work in a less public space.

Julia Evans is the Community Manager and event coordinator. There will be regular “THINK” sessions open to the public and special member-only events that create connections and community among members.

GRIND is taking applications for membership on their website and they will be vetting members to curate their community carefully. They are looking for a diverse group of member companies in order to create a more vibrant and productive set of interactions. The goal – get work done.

Welcome to Chicago GRIND! We look forward to the success of coworking in the Loop!

June 18th, 2013

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Adriana Lopez has written in Forbes (April 25, 2013) about the coworking scene in New Orleans, featuring two examples of industry-focused coworking spaces.

The Dojo is a “digitally focused workspace”. Lopez adds that Dojo’s mission is “to create a place where developers, designers, programmers, and the creative alike can come together to harness their creative energy.

The second is Propellor Incubator, one of a handful of socially-focused incubators in the country. Industries incubated here include environmental, criminal justice and non-profits putting their energies to work on providing healthy meals to school children.

In summary, the spaces are collaborative, not competitive with an open, vibrant feeling that inspires dynamic thinking. Based on current and future work trends, it appears this may be a solution that’s here to stay.

April 30th, 2013

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Please join Wendy Spreenberg and Gary Miciunas for NeoCon 2013, June 10-12!

Pre-Register Today Pre-register by June 3rd to gain FREE access to the show expo! On-site show registration is $25.
Coworking: Scaling business models from B2C to B2BThe advent of Coworking was originally focused on startups, freelancers, entrepreneurs. Corporations are getting into the use of Coworking spaces for their own teams to help create dynamic work environments and attract talent. What are their unique requirements in operations, function and design of this new workspace? How will it function once you choose to build it? We will identify the fundamental patterns and the technology necessary to serve corporate users who are reinventing their obsolete office environments by incorporating coworking .

April 9th, 2013

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We appreciated this article, written by Jennifer Alsever of Fortune magazine. The fascinating outcomes of researchers and those achiving inspirational solutions – we had to share!

March 18th, 2013

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